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Published:July 18th, 2016 09:32 EST

What Would Donald Trump Look Like Without His Wig and Orange Makeup?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An image showing Donald Trump without his signature hairpiece and makeup outside his lavish estate have surfaced on social media.

Sources close to the Trump campaign report staffers are not sure who took and leaked the picture."

The `leaked` photograph displayed above seemingly answers some of those questions, showing that Trump without a wig or makeup is ... just another bald and pale senior citizen with a few wisps of white hair remaining on the top and sides of his pate and a `You kids get off my lawn!` look to his countenance.

The image is just a digital creation, however, one that originated with on the Liberal Darkness web site."


Donald Trump`s face has been plastered on magazine covers, on Web sites as click bait, and you can`t watch cable TV news outlets for more than a five minutes without being exposed to his frightful countenance.

Long after this election is over, even if Trump loses, his mug will torment us in our nightmares. The wispy hair, the orange complexion, the sphincter-like mouth -- the horror, the horror!

We`ve always wondered if Trump looks halfway normal without his ridiculous toupee and makeup. This digital creation of Trump sans wig and makeup gives us an answer: He looks like the crotchety senior citizen who lives next door who is always ranting about kids walking on his lawn, and UFOs flying over his house.

Would to God Trump were only a regular senior citizen and not a nutjob billionaire who just might be the next President of the United States.
Pic of Trump without wig and makeup:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia