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Published:July 19th, 2016 14:58 EST

Man, 80, Scares Armed Robber in 'Scream' Mask by Firing Gun

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police reported that a man wearing a mask from the movie Scream walked into the laundromat armed with a gun and demanded that the owner hand over the store`s cash box.

The owner, 80-year-old Abraham Brown, told the suspect that he could take the box but then followed him out of the store and fired his 25-caliber pistol in the air.

The masked suspect became so startled by the sound of the gunshot that he dropped the box before running into a nearby vehicle."


If a robber wearing a mask from the movie "Scream" demanded my wallet, I would be so terrified that I would immediately hand it over, even if he wasn`t brandishing a gun.

But this 80-year-old laundromat owner is made of sterner stuff, and he was so mad that he fired his pistol in the air, and the masked robber dropped his loot and ran like a scared schoolgirl to his getaway vehicle.

A octogenarian can get away with murder, he should have shot the robber right between the eyes. There isn`t a jury that would convict a senior citizen for protecting his property.

The brave old coot was able to retrieve his cash box.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia