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Published:July 20th, 2016 14:52 EST

America Doesn't Need 'Over the Top' Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The moment Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party`s nominee for president " thanks to the delegates of his home state of New York, including his own son " the sound system began to play `New York, New York,` and the gigantic Jumbotron screen above the convention podium displayed this:

Literally, of course, `OVER THE TOP` refers to Trump getting more than the minimum number of delegates to secure the nomination.

But come on. It is also a perfect summation of Donald J. Trump."


Donald Trump is a larger than life figure -- "Over the Top" is his philosophy, mantra and slogan. His private plane has to be bigger than his rivals, his buildings have to be gaudier and taller, and his convention has to be over the top -- it would take a carnival or a circus to be more outlandish.

California governor Jerry Brown famously proclaimed that "small is beautiful" and "less is more", these words are anathema to Trump. For Trump "small is ugly" and "more is never enough."

That`s why it really infuriates Trump when he`s reminded that he has small hands and by extension a small penis. Trump may strut like he`s endowed like a porn star, but the only reason models, starlets and other bimbos flirt with him is because he has a huge wallet.

America doesn`t need a president who`s over the top, we need a president who is down to earth, and can empathize with the concerns and needs of regular folks.

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