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Published:July 20th, 2016 15:24 EST

The Horror! The Horror! Woman Discovers Cat Hairball Inside Her Vagina! God Help Us!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Michelle Barrow, who originally posted her story in a September 2015 article for the women`s magazine XOJane, wrote that she told her gynecologist about having a constant dull ache in her lower abdomen during her annual exam.

Suspecting that Barrow may have been suffering from ovarian cysts, the doctor began examining her vagina. It was then that she discovered strange hairs inside her patient.

The doctor initially believed that fibers from a tampon had gotten entangled in the strings of Barrow`s IUD, a contraceptive device that is inserted in the uterus. After all of the hairs were removed from Barrow`s vagina, however, the doctor showed her patient a 2-inch-long fur ball that was the same color as Barrow`s gray cat, Donut.

Barrow allows her two pet cats, Donut and Cricket, to sleep in the bed with her and her fiance. She wrote that she believed some of the hair shed by the cats had attached to her fiance`s penis and were then transferred inside her during sex. Instead of eventually working their way out of her, the hairs had gotten stuck to the strings of her IUD and accumulated into a fur ball inside her vagina."

Opposing Views

My cats are cute, cuddly and simply adorable, but when they cough up a fur ball it`s simply disgusting. I`ve thrown away a good pair of shoes when one of my furry friends coughed up a hairball on them.

I can`t imagine the absolute horror of discovering that there`s a hairball inside your body. How can this man have intercourse with this woman knowing there was a hairball inside her love box? I don`t care how hot she may be, I wouldn`t touch her with a ten foot pole, or my much smaller Johnson.

Barrow believes some of the hair shed by the cats had attached to her fiance`s penis and were then transferred inside her during sex.Yeah, right! That`s not a plausible explanation, they would have to make love ten times a day for twenty years for a fur ball to develop inside her coochie.

I don`t even want to know how a hairball really got inside her vagina, some mysteries are better left unsolved.

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