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Published:July 22nd, 2016 10:02 EST

Sketch the Cat Burglar

By Robert Paul Reyes

"She`s just two years old but has a rap sheet of some 60 crimes. Fittingly, her name is Sketch and she`s a cat burglar in the truest form.

Every night she prowls the streets of Vernon, B.C., searching for her next target. It`s not birds or mice she`s after; she prefers inanimate keepsakes.

For the most part her collection consists of dog toys and garden gloves " both the right and left of course, because you can`t just have one."

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My cats are kleptomaniacs, they are always swiping my stuff (pens, tie clips, socks), sometimes I find the items later behind the fridge or under the sofa, and sometimes they`re lost forever.

I never let my cats outside, but if I did I`m sure they would bring me stuff they stole from my neighbors. My cats are so adorable that I`m afraid that if I did let them roam outside, that one of my neighbors might steal them.

Sketch the cat isn`t unique, my friends who own cats tell me that their furry friends are always bringing stuff home that they have stolen from the neighborhood, everything from clothespins to socks to discarded potato chip bags.

I hope you will enjoy this video of Sketch the Cat Burglar: