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Published:July 23rd, 2016 09:37 EST

Outrage: Giant Rubber Duckie Stolen from Town of Clinton, NJ

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Crime Stoppers of Hunterdon County is offering a $250 reward for information about the disappearance of a giant inflatable duck that went missing after the annual rubber ducky race in Clinton Sunday.

The duck, donated to the Clinton Guild by several of its members, had been sitting on the patio of the Hunterdon Art Museum the week before the race, and members of the Clinton First Aid and Rescue Squad anchored it in the river on race day. `We thought people would be excited to take pictures of the duck,` said Clinton Guild President Diane Crisman-Race on Wednesday."


I want to move to Clinton, New Jersey, a town that hold an annual rubber ducky race and is the proud owner of a giant rubber ducky is my idea of utopia.

A rubber ducky evokes memories of little Robert taking a bath with his rubber ducky before he faced his day at high school, I mean kindergarten.

Even a small town like Clinton, with a population of less than three thousand has unsolved major crimes like burglaries and robberies, but this dastardly deed has demoralized its citizens.

The giant rubber duckie did not float away or sink to the bottom of the pond, it was stolen by a heartless crook. If this wretched criminal is caught he should be tarred and feathered and forced to swim in the pond while the good citizens of Clinton pelt him with rocks.

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