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Published:July 26th, 2016 20:27 EST

Robber in Wolf Mask Has News Anchors Howling in Laughter: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A bank robber in a wolf mask has a pair of news anchors howling.

WLS-TV anchor Stacey Baca was telling viewers about the suspect who robbed a bank in DeKalb, Illinois, while wearing the wold mask - complete with a red cap. He pointed a gun, demanded money, and jumped over the counter to grab the cash.

During the story though, she started cracking - and then cracking up. That left her co-anchor Ben Bradley to cope with the next story."


I`m terrified of werewolves, and if a wanker dressed in a wolf mask demanded my wallet, I would immediately hand it over.

But this moron was wearing a jaunty red cap which served to make him look comical rather than terrifying. I don`t care if he was brandishing a gun, I would have bitc* slapped the hell out of him.

Watch the video and you will understand why the masked robber had the news anchor howling in laughter.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia