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Published:July 28th, 2016 10:12 EST

If Hillary Clinton Wins What Should We Call Bill Clinton? The Beard? First Dude?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Clinton`s historic nomination for president by the Democratic Party Tuesday night has raised a number of important questions, perhaps most importantly: What the heck would we call her husband, former United States President Bill Clinton, if she were to take office?"



The female spouse of a male president is traditionally called "First Lady", so should Bill Clinton be referred to as the "First Gentleman"? The serial philanderer and alleged rapist is no gentleman.


A beard is an opposite sex date taken to an event in an effort give a closeted gay or lesbian person the appearance of being heterosexual. There`s no doubt that Bill Clinton is as straight as an arrow (sexually speaking), and there`s little doubt that Hillary is a lesbian. The Clintons have a marriage of political convenience, when Slick Willy was president the then young and relatively attractive Hillary served to give the public the impression that he was a family man. Now it`s Bill`s turn to be an asset to Hillary by serving as her beard.


With no official role in a Hillary administration, Bill will spend all his time training the interns. I will leave it to your imagination, as to what the degenerate will train them to excel in.


Is there anybody who doubts that Bill will kick Tim Kaine to the curb? Make no mistake about it, Bill will be Hillary`s chief advisor and confidant.


That really doesn`t work anymore, Slick Willy is way too old to be called a dude. First Old Fart yes, First Dude, No!


This moniker can refer to Bill`s penchant for lusting after young girls or as a description of his advanced age.

Let`s hope and pray that the corrupt Hillary Clinton will be soundly defeated, and we will never have to worry what to call her degenerate husband.

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