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Published:July 30th, 2016 09:31 EST

Watch Roary the Somersaulting Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

Cat owners are humiliated whenever they visit a friend who owns a dog, and he shows off all the tricks his pooch can perform, and then he asks: By the way can your cat do any tricks?

Roary the cat doesn`t have a repertoire of tricks, he`s a one-trick pony, but boy does he love to somersault! Any dog can fetch a ball or play dead, but how many cats can somersault with the grace of an Olympic athlete?

Sometimes Roary takes advantage of his bent over position to lick himself in his nether regions, LOL you won`t see an Olympic athlete do that.

Check out Roary somersault like there`s no tomorrow:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia