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Published:July 31st, 2016 09:03 EST

Donald Trump is a Pumpkinhead

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An election year can be a good time for businessmen, just look at artist John Kettman.

Kettman uses his painting skills to put Donald Trump`s face on household objects, like matches, candy hearts, and pumpkins... or rather, Trump-kins.

The Trump-kins not only have Donald`s face painted on them, but they come with hair and a hat."


Let`s consider the reasons why a pumpkin is a perfect representation of Donald Trump.

A pumpkin`s orange hue perfectly matches Trump`s spray-on tan.

A pumpkin doesn`t have any hands, and Trump`s hands are so tiny, he`d be better off without them.

Most pumpkins are hallowed; we remove the pulp inside to make jack-o`-lanterns. Trump`s head is hallow, he needs to visit the Wizard.

According to UrbanDictionary.Com pumpkinhead is prison slang for someone who was beaten severely. The term is taken from the swollen condition of their head. A righteous patriot needs to give Trump the beating of his life -- knock some sense into the fool.

Worldwide most pumpkins are grown for animal feed, the only way Trump would be useful is if he were diced up into a million pieces and used to feed animals or fertilize crops.

Kettman is a genius, a pumpkin with Trump`s face painted on it makes perfect sense.

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