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Published:August 1st, 2016 09:14 EST

UFO True Believers Hope Intelligent Aliens Will Take Over the World

By Robert Paul Reyes

"UFO hunters are in excitement over an alleged prophecy by the Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga, that the 44th president of the United States would be an African American and that he would be the last president. According to alien and UFO enthusiasts, during a recent forum discussion, Vanga`s prophecy was referring to an alien invasion and takeover that would occur after or before the end of President Barack Obama`s second term in office.

Many enthusiasts who participated in the forum discussion were pessimistic about the future under the present crop of world leaders and wished that wise and benevolent aliens would take over the world.

According to UFO enthusiasts, there is reason to believe that the Bulgarian mystic`s prediction will come true because she had made other predictions that proved accurate. "


Is the blind mystic and prophetess, who died in 1996, correct in her prophecy that Obama will be the last president of the United States?

If Obama is succeeded by Donald Trump her prophecy may come true, the thin-skinned narcissist may trigger Armageddon which will ensure that not only will he be the last president of the United States, but that our great country will cease to exist.

It`s not only UFO hunters with a penchant for wearing tin-foil hats who wish that wise and benevolent aliens would take over the world. I don`t believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy or UFO`s, but I and millions of my countrymen wish that intelligent aliens would take over the world.

Certainly Little Green Men from Mars could do a better job than Hillary or Trump in dealing with the intractable problems of Islamic terrorism, endless wars, disease and poverty.

Being anally probed by extraterrestrials on a daily basis would be a small price to pay for a safe and sane world.