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Published:August 5th, 2016 10:04 EST

Would You Buy Cat Butt Jewelry Featuring Donald Trump's Face? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It can be hard for cats to engage in civic life. U.S. law prevents them from voting, and though some of them run for president every now and then, they never seem to get invited to debates.

Luckily, politically minded pussycats (and their owners) now have a new way to express their opinion on how they feel about Donald Trump - in the form of cat butt jewelry.

A new website called is selling bejeweled pendants featuring The Donald`s face."

Huffington Post

Donald Trump`s piehole looks like a sphincter, so cat butt jewelry makes perfect sense.

I`m not going to walk around with a butt plug that features Trump`s ugly mug (real product), I just don`t roll that way. But I am going to buy Trump butt jewelry for my felines.

My kitties are used to being humiliated, I dress them up as pumpkins and goblins for Halloween. I think they will forgive me if I cover their buttholes with a bejeweled pendant featuring the Donald`s face.

Let all your friends and family know that everyone in your home, including your cats, hates Donald Trump. At only $9.99 Trump a-hole covers are a steal.

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