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Published:August 7th, 2016 10:56 EST

Bill Maher: Donald Trump is Like an Infection

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bill Maher is ready to make personal sacrifices in order to make sure Donald Trump does not become the President of the United States " and he`s hoping others will do the same.

`New rule: From now until election day, everything else " every issue, every fight, every cause " has to take a backseat to defeating Trump. He`s like an infection " you don`t fool around with it,` he said on Friday`s Real Time.  `We all have our issues that are important to us and so, just to lead by example, let me say that I will take my own, close-to-the-heart pet cause, pot legalization, off the table. And you know me: I have seeds in my urine. "

Entertainment Weekly

"Donald Trump is like an infection" -- truer words were never spoken.

A Trump devotee doesn`t convince an undecided voter to support Trump on the basis of logic or reason, Trumpism is a madness that spreads like an infection.

Likewise if one of your friends is a Trump supporter, you aren`t going to convince him to vote for Hillary or Jill Stein or anybody else by exposing Trump`s inconsistent and incoherent domestic and foreign policies. You will have to stage an intervention and lock your friend in a room unless the madness goes away.

Trumpism is a disease that has infected the very heart of America, and if Trump wins it might prove deadly to our democracy. We must follow the example of Bill Maher and put our pet causes on the backburner, and focus on defeating Trump.

Please don`t say "you`re overreacting, that clown will never win", Trumpism pollutes our soul, spirit and mind, it causes otherwise sane rational people to swallow unadulterated hogwash.

Trump can win, and he will win, if we don`t fight this infection with every fiber of our being.

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