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Published:August 8th, 2016 09:33 EST

Please Stop Hatin' on Crazy Cat Ladies

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Puzzle fans have been left confused after finding insults hidden in a world search.

Words such as `Spinster`, `Prozac` and `Insanity` are among the derogatory terms used in the puzzle, alongside feline-themed terms like meow, tail and hairball.

The offensive puzzle appeared in `Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book` by Animewild and was posted to Imgur by a man who had purchased the book as a joke for his girlfriend."

Daily Mail

A dude bought a "Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book " for his girlfriend as a joke, not realizing that the book contained a word search puzzle with the following hidden words: Spinster, Prozac, insanity, and hairball.

It`s almost unheard of that a crazy cat lady has a boyfriend, she will do anything to keep her man, and she will forgive any thoughtless joke.

I`m male, single and I`m not offended, in fact I can`t wait for the "Crazy Cat Dude Coloring Book. "

If I`m not offended when my crazy cat spits up a hairball on my pillow; I will put up with emails insulting me for loving cats so much.

Life is too short to get upset over trivial things.

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