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Published:August 10th, 2016 14:41 EST

Apartment Set on Fire by Homemade Cockroach-killing Flamethrower

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An incendiary idea to kill six-legged invaders resulted in a lot of smoke and the evacuation of several apartments on North Tower Avenue Monday morning.

A resident was reportedly trying to kill cockroaches by using aerosol bug spray and a lighter to create a homemade flamethrower, according to the Centralia Police Department." 


When I was a young man I lived in some rough areas, one time I lived in a cockroach infested apartment building that was right across the street from a whorehouse. The disgusting cockroaches disturbed me a hell of a lot more than the emaciated crackhead whores.

I soon discovered that cockroaches are impossible to kill; I can understand someone taking the desperate measure of creating a makeshift flamethrower to kill them.

The hapless apartment dweller destroyed his apartment, but I bet the cockroaches survived the inferno.

Moral of this story: If you discover cockroaches in your home the only solution is to move or kill yourself.

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