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Published:August 10th, 2016 14:58 EST

Outrage in Rio Olympics: Water in Diving Pool Turns Green

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Several Olympic competitors and spectators were baffled after the water in the diving pool mysteriously turned green.

Prior to the women`s synchronised 10m platform event on Tuesday, United States men`s diver David Boudia, who competed in the pool on Monday, shared a photo of the green water.

The event continued as planned and Olympic officials shared an update stating that the athletes were not at risk and the cause was being investigated."


I don`t know why anybody would be baffled by a disgusting sight in polluted, crime-ridden Rio.

There are a lot of things worse in Rio than a diving pool with green water:

A yellow pool that`s contaminated from a sewer pipe.

A pool infested with Zika-infected mosquitoes.

A pool with dead bodies floating.

A pool with a terrorist lurking underneath ready to kill the first diver.

A pool with green water in Rio? The pool water is probably safer to drink than the tap water in the hotels.

Photo of green water: