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Published:August 12th, 2016 15:06 EST

Cat Finger Puppets are an Abomination

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Regina artist is looking to shed the stereotype that cat hair is a nuisance.

Instead of throwing it away, she`s collecting it to create tiny works of felt art in the form of cat finger puppets.

Gerda Osteneck said she got the idea for felting with cat hair from her own feline friend after taking a felting class."

CBC News

I love my cats to death, but I hate having to clean my furniture and clothes every day with a lint roller. Trying to keep my house presentable is a never-ending battle, just as I clean my furniture one of my felines will cough up a hairball.

Gerda Osteneck doesn`t throw away cat hair, she collects it and creates cat finger puppets from their hair.

This lady is the type of eccentric that gives all of us cat lovers a bad name. I don`t think I need to tell anyone where she can insert her cat finger puppets, no it`s not her fingers.

Cats are heavenly creatures, but cat finger puppets made from cat hair are simply an abomination.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia