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Published:August 12th, 2016 09:55 EST

Pirates Fan Lunging for Foul Ball Throws Plate of Nachos in His Own Face

By Robert Paul Reyes

A fan in Pittsburgh really wanted to catch this foul ball, but apparently forget he was holding a beer and nachos.

YouTube video description

A man lunging to catch a foul ball  missed the ball, but ended up tossing his plate of nachos into his own face. Apparently he forgot that he was holding a beer and nachos, or maybe he`d already had one beer to many.

This man got his just desserts, at a soccer game it may be permissible to eat freaking nachos, but when you`re watching America`s pastime you eat hot dogs and peanuts -- end of story.

I can`t believe the Pirates organization gave this wanker a new T-shirt, a ball and a fresh plate of nachos. He should have been tarred, feathered and permanently banned from the ballpark.

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nachosPhoto Credit: Wikipedia