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Published:August 14th, 2016 15:45 EST

Meet Samson the Biggest Cat in New York City! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Samson is one big cat.

The Maine Coon feline is about 4 feet long or 48 inches and weighs a whopping 28 pounds. But don`t let his size fool you. He is a gentle giant.

Samson eats around six cans of wet food every day and goes through four pounds of litter each week."

Huffington Post

All of cats that have found fame and fortune on the Internet are regular size, witness Grumpy Cat and Lil` Bub. As the proud owner of a 25-pound kitty I`m glad to see a giant kitty getting some attention.

The aptly named Samson is simply adorable, I bet he does double duty as a guard cat. Any burglar will take off running when he sees Sampson.

Visit your local animal shelter today, there may not be a cat as huge as Sampson, but there all plenty of kittens in need of a forever home.

Pic of the adorable big cat:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia