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Published:August 14th, 2016 14:40 EST

Milwaukee Riots Exposed Black Lives Matter Movement as Anti-cop and Anti-white

By Robert Paul Reyes

Last night in Milwaukee a black teen armed only with a packet of Skittles was shot dead by a police officer even though the victim had his hands up, and was begging the cop to spare his life -- riots ensued.

Actually it was a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet brandishing a semiautomatic handgun who was shot dead by a police officer after he refused an order to drop his weapon -- riots ensued.

The rioters shouted "Black Power" as they burned a gas station, set a police cruiser on fire, looted businesses and singled out white people to rob and beat.

The Milwaukee riot should lead intelligent people to ponder this question: Are the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots that erupt every time a cop shoots a black criminal a cry for social justice, or are they really an expression of black loathing of police officers in particular and white people in general?

Images of black rioters stealing hair extensions and potato chips and indiscriminately assaulting white folks aren`t going to engender sympathy for the BLM movement.

If a police officer killed a thug (don`t care what color he is) in my community, who was pointing a gun at him, my natural reflex would be gratitude, not an urge to burn my city to the ground.

Milwaukee has exposed the BLM as anti-cop and ant-white. It is moral cowardice to remain neutral about BLM, the Obamas of the world can praise them, but anybody with an ounce of integrity will condemn the movement as racist and violent.  

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Video of black rioters beating up white people: