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Published:August 19th, 2016 21:37 EST

Malia and Sasha Obama: Darkness and Light

By Robert Paul Reyes

While Malia Obama has been twerking like a crackhead stripper, exposing herself, smoking a joint at Lollapalooza, and ditching a wild party at Martha`s Vineyard moments before it`s raided by the local cops, her little sister Sasha has been working at a seafood restaurant in Martha`s Vineyard.


The 15-year-old has been learning valuable life experience working the morning shift at Nancy`s, a fried-fish eatery.

It seems the only thing Malia, 18, has learned is that as a child of privilege she can play the rebel confident that she will enjoy the protection of the Secret Service, and that she will be shielded from media scrutiny because she`s the daughter of the President of the United States.

We don`t know what`s going on behind the scene, maybe Sasha is just as dreadful as Malia, and her summer job is a punishment.

If that`s the case then Obama should punish Malia by making her work as a cleaning lady in a brothel. Doing manual labor might humble Malia, and in any case working there will show her where she might end up if she doesn`t put a brake on her skanky behavior. 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia