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Published:August 20th, 2016 09:45 EST

Mailman Writes Little Letters For Doggie Who Loves Getting Mail

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Whenever Pippa sees her mailman, Martin Studer, she runs to greet him so she can fulfill her daily chore " bringing her family their mail.

Some days when Pippa comes out to collect the mail, however, there`s no mail for her to collect. Not wanting her to have to walk away with an empty mouth, Studer has to get creative."

The Dodo

Postal carriers and dogs are supposed to be mortal and implacable enemies, but here`s a heartwarming story about a friendship between a mailman and a little pooch.

Pippa the pooch can`t wait for her mailman to visit her house, not so she can go postal on him and bite his behind, but so she can perform her daily chore -- bringing her family their mail.

But sometimes her family doesn`t get any mail, and the mailman just gives her a piece of paper so as not to disappoint the little doggie.

Can we all say: Awww

Pics of mailman handing Pippa a "letter.":

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