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Published:August 25th, 2016 11:00 EST

Can Donald Trump Attract Enough Educated White Voters and Latinos to Win?

By Robert Paul Reyes

During the primaries, in almost every speech, Donald Trump bragged about how well he was doing in the polls, and indeed from the day he announced that he was running for president until the day he secured the Republican nomination he led almost every poll.

But since the two parties` conventions, Trump has plummeted in the polls -- both nationally and in the battleground states. Now the only time Trump mentions the polls is when he complains that they are rigged.

Trump may dismiss the polls, but
his new campaign manager, KellyAnne Conway, a veteran Republican pollster, knows that her man is in serious trouble.

During the primaries the only time Trump mentioned or noticed blacks was when he ordered security to throw out Black Lives Matter protestors from his rallies.

We have finally witnessed a Trump pivot, he is reaching out to the Latino and black communities. Trump and his campaign staff realize that blacks are a lost cause, Hillary is going to end up with over 95% of the African American vote. Blacks  are naturally turned off by Trump`s blatant racism, but even if Jesus Christ returned and ran as a Republican for president, and performed miracles and wonders, he would still garner less than five percent of the black vote. 

It`s not blacks that Trump is trying to win over, he`s trying to convince suburban whites with college degrees that he`s not a racist, and that they should vote for him. Educated whites don`t want to vote for a flat-out racist, Trump is giving them enough cover so that in the privacy of the polling booth, they can hold their collective nose and vote for him.

Even though Trump called Mexican migrants rapists, he actually has a chance to win over enough Hispanics to win the election. Unlike blacks, Latinos aren`t a monolithic voting block, and if he wins 25 to 35 percent of the Hispanic vote (not an impossible goal), he may be the next President of the United States.

Trump has the uneducated white vote in his back pocket, he has two months to try to siphon off enough educated white voters and Hispanics to win the general election.

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