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Published:August 28th, 2016 10:14 EST

Ice Cube Ain't Down With Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`Check Yo Self` Ice Cube is not voting for Trump.

The N.W.A. rapper took to Twitter on Saturday to declare that he would never support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after social media users dug up an old interview where he mentioned the candidate.

`I will never endorse a mothaf---a like Donald Trump! EVER!!!` the musician-turned-actor wrote."

New York Daily News

Ice Cube keeps things real in the lyrics to his rap songs and in his life -- he`s the last person in the world to fall for a phony politician like Donald Trump.

In an old interview Ice Cube mentioned Trump is a favorable light, trying to explain the billionaire`s appeal to the masses. Some fools thought that the original gangsta was endorsing Trump. To set the record straight Ice Cube tweeted:

I will never endorse a mothaf---a like Donald Trump! EVER!!!

Ice Cube was able to maintain his street cred after becoming a spokesman for Coors Light, but ain`t no way his peeps in the hood would ever forgive him if he endorsed Trump.

Check Yo Self, Ice Cube ain`t down with no Oompa Loompa clown like Trump!

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