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Published:August 28th, 2016 19:15 EST

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Allegations of Hillary Clinton Pickle-fixing

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel responded to critics Thursday who charged he fixed a jar of pickles he asked Hillary Clinton to open to prove she`s not in ill health.


Kimmel then produced a glass jar of pickles from under his desk and asked Clinton to open it to prove she was of average human strength. Kimmel pledged it "has not been tampered with.`

Clinton made an exaggerated show of opening the jar to applause from the audience."


This is a follow-up to my article:

Hillary Clinton Proves She`s in Good Health by Opening Jar of Pickles? Video!

Left-leaning late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel is in a pickle over his laughingly transparent attempt to convince his audience that Hillary has the strength to open a jar of pickles.

It should be noted that Kimmel said that the jar had not been tampered with, but after he was called out for his duplicity, he changed his tune and said: Let`s say we did loosen the jar. What does opening pickles even prove?

It proves two things:

Jimmy Kimmel is a liar

Hillary doesn`t have the strength to open a jar of pickles, for her sake let`s hope that she has the strength to push her Life Alert device the next time she suffers from a seizure or psychotic episode.

Granted if Hillary wins the election, she will get one of her flunkies to open a jar of pickles for her, but will she have the strength to push the nuclear button?

Hillary`s health is no laughing matter; do we really want a sociopath prone to seizures sitting in the Oval Office?

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