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Published:August 30th, 2016 16:33 EST

Hillary Clinton Blackface Cartoon a Work of Genius

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After posting a cartoon Monday that depicts Hillary Clinton in blackface, pastor Mark Burns, a Donald Trump surrogate, quickly deleted the image from his Twitter account and apologized for spreading it. But the cartoonist who drew it, Tony Branco, is standing by his caricature.

`Political cartoons are supposed to rile people up, get people talking, have a discussion about issues,` Branco told me. `It`s supposed to focus people`s attention on the issue, and that`s what the cartoon did. And I`m pretty proud that it did that.`"

Washington Post

African American minister and Trump supporter Mark Burns shouldn`t have apologized for posting a cartoon depicting Hillary Clinton in blackface -- that image perfectly illustrates and captures the pandering and phony spirit of the Democratic nominee for president.

Hillary has a penchant for affecting a black accent when speaking to a black audience, blacks shouldn`t interpret that idiosyncrasy as a homage to their culture, but as shameless pandering.

The blackface cartoon has the caption, "I Ain`t No Ways Tired of Pandering to African Americans." That`s an allusion to the infamous speech that Hillary gave before a black congregation when she adopted a black cadence when she quoted James Cleveland: I don`t feel no ways tired.

When Hillary performed her minstrel show and she uttered the phrase "I ain`t no ways tired", the black congregation erupted in cheers. I don`t know what`s more pathetic: A politician who affects a black manner of speaking to win over a black congregation, or the black audience who fails to realize they are being played for fools.

Bitc* please! I am damn tired of Hillary pandering to blacks! Why is it that Hillary only visits black congregations when she is running for political office?

Political correctness is ruining our culture, we need more politically-incorrect cartoons!

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