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Published:August 30th, 2016 17:20 EST

Kitten Rescued From Car Engine

By Robert Paul Reyes

Thanks to a quick response by Beverly Police Officers and Beverly Animal Control this 8 week old cat was rescued from under the muffler in the undercarriage of a vehicle. The cat is currently being treated for heatstroke, but is expected to make a full recover.

Beverly Police Department Facebook Page

Police Officers only make the news when they shoot a suspect, usually in self-defense. But today I`m featuring a story about cops making the news for a good reason.

Police Officers take their mission of serving and protecting their community seriously, and that includes looking out for the welfare of our four-legged friends.

Kudos to the Beverly Peace Officers and the Beverly Animal Control for rescuing this adorable kitten from the undercarriage of a car.

The kitty was a stray, and I hope all this publicity will result in him finding a forever home.

Check out the pics of this cute kitty:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia