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Published:August 31st, 2016 16:33 EST

Tom Brady's 'Megyn Kelly' Haircut Sign of the End Times

By Robert Paul Reyes

As the NFL season approaches one player is dominating the conversation, not for heroic deeds he`s performed during preseason games, but for for breaking conventional norms and embarrassing his team and the NFL.

I`m not referring to the desperate attempt of a has-been to garner some attention by refusing to stand up for the National Anthem, I`m talking about superstar Tom Brady`s outrageous new Megyn Kelly haircut.

The Megyn Kelly hairstyle doesn`t look good on anyone in the world, male or female, including Megyn Kelly. Megyn is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but if she gave me a "come hither" look in her all-business, slicked-back short hairdo, I would make a sign of the cross and run away. If the Fox News hottie wants to knock boots with me, she would be well-advised to let her hair grow long.

The New England Patriots quarterback unveiled his new hairstyle at a press conference Tuesday, and before you could say "Oh no he didn`t" he was a trending subject on Twitter. 

The good folks on Twitter were comparing him to Matt Damon, Megyn Kelly, and Satan`s bastard son. Suffice to say that most people are of the opinion that it`s not a good look for Brady.

Tom Brady: For the love of God and for the integrity of the NFL, chop off that demonic haircut.

Pic of Tom Brady channeling Megyn Kelly:


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