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Published:September 2nd, 2016 10:41 EST

Before and After Photos From Girl's First Day of School

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Imgur user shared hilarious before and after photos of the girl`s first day back on that elementary school grind, and after seven hours of meeting new classmates and pencil pushing, she became almost unrecognizable.

The morning of her big day, the excited young girl`s hair was in soft curls with a bow, the cuffs on her denim jacket were perfectly folded, her tulle skirt was fancifully fluffed and she had a huge smile.

However, a few hours later, the hardworking student emerged from the school bus a disheveled, adorable mess. Her hair bow was gone, freeing her locks to do whatever the heck they pleased, her skirt was matted, her jacket was missing, and what was once a proud smile and hopeful eyes became a look of extreme distress."


The Internet specializes in before and after photos! Who hasn`t seen before and after images of celebrities who underwent horrendous plastic surgery operations? Or before and after pics of extremely obese people who lost a lot of weight?

But these before and after pics of a little girl`s first day back in school will blow your ever-loving mind. Think you`ve had a bad day at the office? This little girl looks like she`s been to hell and back in a minivan.

I hope her parents welcomed her back home with hugs, kisses and ice cream.

Before and after pics of adorable little girl: