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Published:September 3rd, 2016 10:40 EST

Cat Takes a Literal Piggyback Ride Atop Pig

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian pet owner filmed their rescue cat taking a literal piggyback ride atop its owner`s permissive mini pig. The video, posted to Facebook by Life of Smudge & Muk the Mini Pigs, shows storm, a cat recently rescued by the Calgary, Alberta, resident, getting a lift from a miniature pig named Smudge.

The feline`s presence doesn`t seem to bother Smudge, who goes about his business of snacking on the grass."


It`s axiomatic that cats rule the Internet, the only way that a video featuring a pig is going to garner any views is if it`s co-star is an adorable kitten.

In this video Smudge the pig is doing what pigs do best pigging out on grass, the only thing that makes this video exceptional is the kitten riding piggyback on the pig`s back.

The pig doesn`t seem to mind, he`s too busy munching on grass.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia