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Published:September 4th, 2016 12:08 EST

Study: Make Your Cat Work For His Food

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Cat owners, prepare to be stunned: A new study suggests your cat isn`t really a crabby jerk "he`s just bored. And there may be a simple way to improve his mood, even his health: challenge him. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley say food puzzles "think mazes or other toys that make a cat work for its food "bring out a cat`s instinct to hunt, making the animal more active, less needy, and less prone to stress "because, apparently, lying around the house all day can be pretty stressful for a born predator. In more than 30 cases, researchers say the puzzles were able to alleviate specific health or behavioral concerns in cats, reports Gizmodo."


This new study is simply hogwash, grumpiness is the default mode of a feline, and making a cat work for his food isn`t going to improve his disposition one bit.

My cats never venture outside, they are perfectly content to sleep most of the day, terrorize my pooch, and nibble on food throughout the day.

Food puzzles ain`t gonna work for my pets, they would take a dump on on the maze, and then look menacingly at me, as if to say: Bring me my damn food dish!

I love my grumpy cats to death, and I`m not going to make them jump through hoops to get their food.

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