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Published:September 4th, 2016 11:28 EST

Where's Hillary Clinton?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hillary Clinton has been missing from the campaign trail for most of the month of August; her campaign strategy seems to be to lay low while her opponent self-destructs with controversial statements and tweets.

Hillary`s strategy has given fuel to the widely-held belief that she`s in failing health, and that she doesn`t have the stamina to undergo the rigors of a traditional campaign.

Although Hillary has been hiding from the public and the press (It`s been almost a year since she`s held a press conference), she hasn`t been hiding from the super-rich. Hillary is more than willing to spend time with one percenters forking over hundreds of thousands to see her. Hillary raised about $143 million in August, the campaign`s best month yet.

Hillary`s campaign reveals how she will behave as President of the United States. She will keep the media at arm`s length, and instead of listening to the American public, she will have an open door policy only for the financial elite.

When crooked Hillary is ensconced in the White House with her reprobate husband, they will be beholden to the globalists and billionaires, and they will pay only lip service to the minorities, feminists, working poor, and gays and lesbians who elected her.

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