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Published:September 9th, 2016 11:23 EST

Donald Trump is Right: Putin is a Greater Leader Than Obama

By Robert Paul Reyes

In NBC`s Commander-in-Chief forum, Donald Trump praised Vladimir Putin as a greater leader than Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic establishment, the media and social media trolls immediately jumped all over Trump for speaking truth to power.

I am not a Republican, I have written dozens of articles critical of Donald Trump, and I have condemned him for his many false, homophobic and misogynist statements. But I have to give him credit when he speaks the truth.

Putin is a Russian patriot, nobody doubts that he always has the best interests of the Russian Federation at heart. Obama`s patriotism is very much in doubt, when he`s overseas he never misses an opportunity to apologize for America`s actions. Can you imagine Putin making an apology tour to apologize for the excesses and crimes of the Soviet Union?

There is no doubt that Putin was born in Leningrad, he is a Russian-born patriot who loves the motherland. There is more evidence that Obama was born in Kenya than there is that he was born in Hawaii. So-called birthers don`t have a problem with an African-American president, however we have a very real problem with an African president in the White House.

Putin exudes confidence and power, if a foreign leader crossed one of Putin`s red lines there would be hell to pay. Obama`s red lines aren`t even a speed bump to dictators who have absolutely no fear of the effete and ineffectual American president.

When we declare that Putin is a greater leader than Obama, we aren`t implying that the Russian dictatorship is superior to American democracy, we are merely stating that Putin has leadership qualities whereas Obama is a freaking wimp.

It`s axiomatic, it`s manifest, it`s obvious that Vladimir Putin is a greater leader than Barack Hussein Obama.


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