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Published:September 11th, 2016 09:28 EST

Broken Down and Tired Hillary Clinton Barely Survives National Security Press Conference

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A listless, tired looking Clinton had been speaking and taking questions for about fourteen minutes when she first ended her press conference but came right back to the microphone to answer a shouted question about her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking to Larry King on King`s show that is on Russian owned RT.

Clinton spoke for another two minutes then abruptly cut herself off, turned and walked away, curtly saying to the press as she turned her back on them, `Thank you all.`

As soon as Clinton was behind the pillar immediately stage right a loud double cough could be heard. As Clinton stepped past the pillar her closed right hand could be seen coming down from her face, as one does when coughing."

Gateway Pundit

When answering questions from reporters at a press conference on national security issues it would behoove a presidential candidate to project strength and vigor.

Hillary Clinton looked tired and worn out, Clinton as commander-in-chief wouldn`t instill confidence in our troops, and she sure as hell wouldn`t instill fear in our enemies.

Hillary ended her press conference after only 14 minutes, but came back to the microphone when a reporter shouted a question about Donald Trump. The only thing that animates Hillary is hatred, she couldn`t resist one more chance to bash Trump. 

Woe is us if we elect a broken down and tired old lady who hides behind pillars when she suffers a coughing fit.

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