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Published:September 11th, 2016 22:11 EST

Donald Trump and Mother Teresa: Two Peas in a Pod!

By Robert Paul Reyes

At the annual Values Voter Summit actor Jon Voight responded to the protest of religious leaders outside of the event by comparing Donald Trump to Saint Mother Teresa.


At first blush you might think that Voight, who graduated from the Catholic University of America, is bonkers.

But it`s an apt comparison; Saint Mother Teresa and Donald Trump are more similar than you`d think.

Saint Mother Teresa was a wretched woman who believed that suffering was a divine gift, as a result of her execrable theology she didn`t provide any painkillers to the patients in the hospices that she operated.

The saint from the bowels of hell glorified suffering instead of seeking to alleviate the suffering of those under her care. She didn`t address the root causes of suffering in India: The caste system that treated "untouchables" like animals, and the lack of birth control. Instead she preached that practicing birth control was a mortal sin.

Donald Trump isn`t quite as evil as Mother Teresa, but he is indifferent to the suffering of others. There is no evidence that the billionaire has made any substantial donations to charities.

Billions were donated to charities operated by Mother Teresa, with little or no accountability. Trump hasn`t released his tax returns, voters have no idea how much he has donated to charity. God only knows if he`s been a good steward of his vast wealth.

Mother Teresa and Donald Trump? Two peas in a pod!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia