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Published:September 11th, 2016 10:02 EST

Hillary Clinton Will Lose Because She Has No Charisma

By Robert Paul Reyes

Militant feminists may get weak at the knees when they hear Hillary Clinton screech and cough her way through her stump speech, but she leaves the rest of us, including most Democrats, cold.

Hillary doesn`t have a moral compass or a soul, but those aren`t qualities necessary to be a successful politician, witness Donald Trump.

Hillary is devoid of charisma, and that will ultimately lead to her defeat. Democrats will trudge to the polls because they believe in Hillary`s political agenda, but Trump`s supporters will go to the polls because they believe in the man. We vote for a person more so than we do for a political ideology, and there is nothing in Hillary`s personality that engenders loyalty.

As an Hispanic who barely scrapes by financially Trump should be anathema to me, but I`d rather drink a couple of beers with Trump than spend an endless second with Hillary.

Say what you will about Trump, that he`s a racist and a xenophobe and whatnot, but at least he`s funny, exciting and charismatic. Trump`s charisma will carry him all the way to the White House.

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