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Published:September 15th, 2016 15:58 EST

Dog Picks Up Trash and Deposits it in Trash Receptacle

By Robert Paul Reyes

This dog is my hero. I saw him walking towards the trashcan with trash in his snout and started recording immediately ;)

YouTube video description

I am mortified by thoughtless dog owners who don`t pick up after their pets, they give all dog owners a bad name. I always carry a pooper scooper with me when I`m walking my pooch. It`s a dirty job picking up after your animal, but there`s no shi* fairy who will pick up your dog`s crap.

This civic-minded canine puts irresponsible dog owners to shame, he picked up trash in his snout and dropped it in a trash receptacle.

If you`re a dog owner who doesn`t pick up after your dog, I hope watching this video will shame you into doing the right thing.

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