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Published:September 15th, 2016 15:07 EST

Gravely Ill Hillary Clinton Can't Afford to Suffer Another Stumble or Coughing Fit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Clinton, off the campaign trail since Sunday because of illness, has tried to keep up with Donald Trump using his favorite tool: Twitter.

The Democratic nominee has pushed hard over the last 24 hours at Trump, tweeting out articles and allegations about his financial ties, his lack of charitable giving, and the lack of disclosure of his medical records and tax returns.

Unlike Trump, who appears to write many of his most biting tweets himself, Clinton`s criticism appears to be staff-produced. Most of the tweets do not end with the `-H` signature that indicates Clinton wrote them."

Los Angeles Times

We`ve heard about "Low Energy Jeb Bush", but "Battery Critically Low Hillary Bush", makes him look like the Energizer Bunny.

Even a 69-year-old person can recover from pneumonia, but most of the physicians who have examined the many videos depicting Hillary suffering from coughing fits, seizures and feinting spells are of the opinion that she has a serious underlying medical condition such as Parkinson`s Disease.

Age, illness and disease, and a wicked disposition have rendered Hillary a debilitated mess, she doesn`t even have the energy to write a 142-character Tweet. The frail witch may not even have the energy to press the "send" button.

Hillary got away with concealing her horrible health for a long time, but after her 9/11 feinting spell nobody believes that her frail health is a vast right wing conspiracy.

Now that Hillary has been exposed as a secrecy-obsessed woman in poor health, every time she stumbles, has a coughing fit, or loses her train of thought she will lose a couple of points in the polls. If she so much as hiccups during the debate, it`s all over for the most evil person ever to run for the presidency.

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