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Published:September 17th, 2016 09:36 EST

Hillary Clinton: 'Black Girl Magic is Real' Give Me a Break!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Clinton on Friday celebrated the achievements of African American women, telling an audience at the Black Women`s Agenda that they were proof that `black girl magic was real.`

Black girl magic, which isn`t in the dictionary just yet, is a phrase used to celebrate the awesomeness of black women.

The event was hosted by the Black Women`s Agenda Symposium Workshop, which is the organization dedicated to addressing disparities faced by black women.

Clinton said that all women have to work harder at the office while still bearing responsibilities at home, a challenge that can be even more difficult for black women."

Huffington Post

It`s no mystery why Hillary Clinton is losing support among black millennials, they can see right through her desperate pandering. I wouldn`t be surprised if somebody yelled "Bitc* please!" when Hillary said that "black girl magic was real."

A black woman can getting away with uttering a corny as hell statement like "black girl magic is real", but an elderly white woman? Please!

Can you imagine the uproar if Donald Trump declared that "black girl magic is real."? He would be accused of implying that all black women are superstitious and into voodoo.

Karma is real, as Hillary will find out when she loses the election. Americans are sick and tired of pandering politicians.

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