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Published:September 17th, 2016 17:24 EST

Jimmy Fallon Dons Surgical Mask to Welcome Hillary Clinton to his Show

By Robert Paul Reyes

"His interview with polarizing Republican presidential nominee Trump was widely criticized for being too lighthearted. But that doesn`t seem to have deterred Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon from goofing off when chatting with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

Fallon donned a surgical mask to welcome Clinton to the show " a callout to her recent bout of pneumonia."


People Magazine

If I met Hillary Clinton I would wear a surgical mask not as a gag or a political statement, but to protect myself from Clinton`s bacterial pneumonia, which can be highly contagious.

I would don latex gloves in case she insisted on shaking hands.

I would put a dab of Vaseline in my nose; in case Hillary`s adult diapers were dirty.

I would give her a wide berth in case she feinted and fell on me, her 200 -plus dead weight could do a lot of damage.

I would wear ear plugs to protect my hearing in case she cackled like a witch.

Finally I would wear a cross around my neck to protect my spiritual health; a person must take all precautions when being in close proximity to pure evil.

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