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Published:September 17th, 2016 09:54 EST

Washington Post Declares Hillary Clinton a 'Style Icon'! Really?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Washington Post`s fashion critic is calling Hillary Clinton a style icon that is influencing top designer`s runway shows.

Comparing Clinton to the `not a great beauty` Georgia O`Keefe, Robin Givhan says designers are being inspired by the Democratic presidential nominee`s strength.

Givhan admits that Clinton is definitely not `the typical fashion icon,` but sees Clinton`s influence in designs from Narciso Rodriguez, including one ensemble similar to Hilary`s Mao-inspired outfits she wore during debates."

The Washington Free Beacon

The Washington Post is the most anti-Trump publication in the world, only the Post would have the nerve to declare Hillary Clinton a style icon.

The typical Hillary pantsuit is the uniform that militant feminists would wear if they went to war against men. I can see them hacking men to death in their blood-splattered pantsuits.

Hillary wears pantsuits because they conceal her adult diapers and metal braces that keep her upright, but no other woman would feel the need to wear such dowdy attire.

Hillary Clinton influencing top designer`s runway shows? Bitch please!

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