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Published:September 21st, 2016 14:33 EST

Abomination: Taxidermist Makes Handbag Out of a Dead Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Fancy owning a handbag made out of a dead ginger cat?

The glamour puss bag was put on New Zealand auction site TradeMe with a starting price of NZ$1 (£0.56) and ended up selling for 500 times that.

Christchurch-based taxidermist Claire Third said she`d picked up the roadkill cat and kept it in her freezer for three months before she decided to turn the stuffed cat into a piece of art."


I love cats, I have two cats, a cat calendar, cat wallpaper on my desktop computer, but I draw the line at owning anything made out of a dead cat.

A handbag made out of a dead cat is disgusting, it`s not a piece of art or a fashion accessory, it`s simply an abomination. A handbag made out of a dead cat is more revolting than a roadkill cat that`s been on the road decaying for days.

When Clair Third dies, I hope a member of PETA makes a coat out of her.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia