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Published:September 21st, 2016 14:14 EST

Harry Reid Attacks Donald Trump Over His Taxes

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid argued that Donald Trump has not released his tax returns because he`s not worth as much as he claims.

`He`s not worth nearly as much as he claims to be, that`s a secret he doesn`t want anyone to know,` Reid said on the Senate floor. `Simply put, Trump is faking his net worth because he doesn`t want us to know that he`s not a good businessman.`

This was not the first time that Reid has taken this tack. In 2012, he alleged that then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in over a decade, citing an anonymous source. That was revealed to be untrue when Romney released his returns, but Reid never apologized."


Donald Trump is a crude racist ignoramus who may become the next President of the United States, because his opponent is a heartless corrupt frail witch. Trump`s buffoonery is at least good for comic relief, while on the other hand there is nothing remotely humorous about Hillary.

When Trump is attacked by the likes of mealy-mouthed
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid it only redounds to the billionaire`s  favor. Reid is so universally despised that a couple of years ago when he was blinded in one eye while exercising with an elastic band, most of us were doubting our faith in God because he wasn`t blinded in both eyes and rendered mute.

Not to put to fine a point on it, but Reid is a lying sack of crap. In 2013 he stood in the well of the Senate and falsely accused
then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of not having paid taxes in over a decade. When Romney released his taxes, Reid never apologized.

Trump`s supporters could care less about his tax returns, and nobody wants to hear what Reid has to say on the matter.

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