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Published:September 22nd, 2016 11:51 EST

Retired Mexican Singer Vicente Fernandez Endorses Hillary Clinton: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vicente Fernández, Mexico`s iconic ranchera singer, is with her. In a video released Wednesday, he sang praises to US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, urging Mexican-Americans to support her.

The traditional music performer came out of retirement to do the video, which shows him leaning on a ranch fence interspersed with images of Latinos erecting houses, cooking meals, and shaking Clinton`s hand."


Vicente Fernández may represent the Mexican people, but he doesn`t represent Hispanics in America. I`m an American Hispanic, and I can`t stand the pandering Hillary Clinton. Hillary may represent the one percent, but her message doesn`t resonate with millions of Latinos. The only reason Hillary is leading in the polls with Latinos is because her opponent is a blatant racist.

I admire and respect Vicente Fernández` musical artistry, but he`s damaging his legacy by endorsing Hillary. The Democratic nominee doesn`t see Latinos as individuals, she sees us as a voting block.

There are better options than Hillary for Latinos, and for all Americans: Jill Stein!

Vicente Fernández: Stay retired dude!

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