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Published:September 23rd, 2016 11:38 EST

Donald Trump is an Energetic Old Fart, Hillary is a Frail Old Hag

By Robert Paul Reyes


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both older than dirt, but Hillary looks like she`s ready to be buried six feet in the ground, while Trump looks like he`s going to outlive most of us.

Trump has the stamina of the Energizer Bunny while Hillary has the stamina of a wind-up doll whose spring has snapped. I can imagine Trump screwing White House interns and barking orders at his staff, and I can imagine Hillary snoozing in the Oval Office and yelling at Bill to let her sleep in peace and go screw an intern. I can imagine Trump letting loose a huge loud fart that knocks down anyone near him, and I can imagine Hillary barely having the energy to emit a wimpy wet fart. Hillary is an old broad who thinks her farts smell like designer perfume, Trump doesn`t care if his farts knock you unconscious. Donald Trump is an old fart who has the vim and vinegar to serve two full terms in the White House; Hillary is an old fart who would croak a week into her first term.

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