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Published:September 25th, 2016 11:02 EST

Study: Cats Crossed Continents to be Close to Humans

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Cats like to think they don`t need us, but a new study into feline genetics has indicated that the global kitty population only boomed when they moved in with humans. The research, presented last week and reported by Nature, seems to show two distinct waves of growth in cat numbers: first around 10,000 years ago as humans first started cultivating crops, and second as we started taking to the seas."

The Verge

When I`m watching TV and my cat is just a couple of feet away on the coffee table and I call on her to come sit next to me on the sofa, she doesn`t even deign to look in my direction.

Cats may pretend like they don`t need us for anything other than to feed them and clean their litter boxes, but now there`s scientific proof they crossed continents to be close to us.

I don`t buy my cats feigned indifference to me, when they ignore me I pick them up and kiss and hug them. Does your kitty ignore you when you call her? Pick up the little rascal and kiss her!

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