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Published:September 25th, 2016 16:32 EST

Target Nixes Mini-carts for Kids

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Target announced it is ending a trial run of kid-sized mini-carts at stores in Minnesota and New York after shoppers complained of bruised ankles.


The Minneapolis-based chain announced the mini-carts, which were rolled out at 50 Minnesota stores and 22 New York stores just a few weeks ago, are being removed after the company received a flood of negative feedback from shoppers.

Shoppers complained children without experience with proper shopping cart protocol would crash into adults, other carts and store displays, often leading to minor injuries or major messes.

Parents also complained the carts invited children to load them up with unwanted items, and led to tantrums when the adults refused to buy the contents."


It`s only because I have infinite patience that I haven`t used my shopping cart to intentionally ram little brats blocking the aisle as I shop. But I would certainly understand if a shopper consumed with shopping cart rage intentionally crashed into one of these little monsters.

Department stores and supermarkets aren`t playgrounds. Parents should leave their toddlers in the parking lot while they shop, preferably with the windows closed, even on hot days.

Grocery stores should be kid-free zones; I am consumed with rage whenever I see a parent with their uncontrollable children in tow.

Kudos to Target, I hope every other supermarket and department chain follows their sterling example.

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