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Published:September 27th, 2016 11:41 EST

Banjo the World's Oldest Cat is Simply Adorable: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

The `world`s oldest rescue cat` was been dumped at a rescue centre at the grand old age of 27.

Banjoa bl,ack and white cat, was abandoned at a West London centre earlier this month.

Although appearing to be in good health, vets were astounded when they scanned his microchip and discovered he was first registered in 1991 when he was two years old, making him 27 or a whopping 125 in cat years.

YouTube video description

This kitty has used up all of his nine lives in one lifetime.

It`s a crying shame that this senior cat has been dumped at an animal shelter, Banjo should be spending his golden years in a home where he will be loved and pampered until he goes to the Big Litter Box in the Sky.

My cats Tico is about 7-years-old, and he spends most of his time sleeping; I hope Banjo is more than just an adorable paper weight.

catCheck out this video, Banjo is a gorgeous feline:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia