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Published:September 27th, 2016 21:37 EST

Hillary Clinton's Satanic Shoulder Shimmy Shakes America to Her Core! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump the braggadocious billionaire and Hillary Clinton the Deathly Ill Wicked Witch of the Left Coast faced off for the first time since either candidate announced their campaign.


Over 80 million Americans watched the epic showdown with keen interest. Would Donald Trump pull down his pants to prove, once and for all, that not every man cursed with pathetic little hands has a tiny worm dangling from his nether regions? Would Trump act presidential for the duration of the debate, i.e. not act like a Neanderthal?

Would Hillary Clinton soil her adult diapers because the 90-minute debate didn`t allow for breaks? Would Hillary`s head spin around in circles, if the moderator had the audacity to fact check her instead of Trump? Would Hillary suffer an epic coughing fit culminating in an epic display of projectile vomiting?

We were spared the aforementioned histrionics and demonic happenings, but when Trump accused Hillary of lacking the temperament for the presidency, she responded with a shoulder shimmy that would make a psycho proud.

Hillary`s shoulder shimmy shook me right down to my core; I have never witnessed such an evil display!

Hillary wasn`t trying to cover up a seizure; we witnessed a demon possessing Hillary`s body and soul.

Dear friends and neighbors, this presidential race is a battle between the banal evil of Trump and the demonic evil of Hillary.

Vote for earthly evil. Vote for Donald Trump!

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Link to video of Hillary`s Shoulder Shimmy: