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Published:September 29th, 2016 15:13 EST

Logan The World's Fattest Cat Can Barely Roll: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

That`s how I roll! Internet goes wild for fat cat named Logan who lives at a hotel and loves to greet guests Hilarious footage has emerged of an enormous cat named Logan The overweight cat appears to struggle to walk and is unable to roll over Logan has become a bit of a celebrity at his home in the United States He greets guests at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in New Hampshire.

YouTube video description

Kim Kardashian`s naked fat ass failed to break the Internet, but this fat kitty is breaking the Internet to smithereens. Cat lovers just can`t get enough of watching Logan the tubby cat waddling and trying to roll over.

A doggie may get a treat if he rolls over and plays dead, but this fat feline is getting millions of views simply by trying to roll over.

Watch how this kitty rolls:


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia